Miniature Gift Set
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Miniature Gift Set

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Love all of our smoked spices and sugars? Great! Our trial set has miniature tins of all of our smoke spices and sugars. This set is also a great way to find out which Bourbon Barrel products you love the most.

The Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt is truly unique. It is combined all natural, solar-evaporated sea salt with the rich aromas of Kentucky’s finest aged bourbons by smoking the sea salt with bourbon barrel staves.

Black peppercorns are biting and pungent with hints of pine and citrus. We have slow smoked these cracked peppercorns with aged bourbon barrels which give them a wispy hint of smoke and a subtle oaky flavor that is reminiscent of fine Kentucky bourbon.

Many paprikas are smoked, but none of them are bourbon smoked.  Try this combination of sweet and piquant paprika along with the mellow oaky flavors of fine Kentucky bourbon.

The Bourbon Smoked Sugar is a raw sugar that has been smoked with bourbon barrel staves.  It has sweet caramel flavors and the richness of smoked oak. 

Bourbon Vanilla Sugar is packed and aged with Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans to enhance the rich molasses flavors. It is made from raw Demerara sugar and the highest quality vanilla.

Named for the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, Mint Julep Sugar has all the rich caramel flavors of raw sugar as well as the refreshing flavors of mint.  

Contains 6 miniature (.4 oz) tins. Pictures of individual items are for informational purpose.

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