Bourbon Smoked Spice Gift Set
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Bourbon Smoked Spice Gift Set

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Three bourbon smoked spices, boxed, and ready to give!

Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, This salt is pure, solar evaporated, and domestically harvested from the Pacific Ocean. This large salt crystal is smoked over repurposed bourbon barrel staves. The bourbon soaked oak from the barrels give the salt it’s rich, buttery aroma.

Bourbon Smoked Pepper, Black peppercorns are biting and pungent with hints of pine and citrus. We have slow smoked these cracked peppercorns with aged bourbon barrels which give them a wispy hint of smoke and a subtle oaky flavor that is reminiscent of fine Kentucky bourbon.

Bourbon Smoked Paprika, There is smoked paprika, but this is the only bourbon smoked paprika. This is sweet, piquant, and smoky. It’s a staff favorite on popcorn and a summer staple for corn on the cob!

Contains 3 2oz tins.

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